Sri Renga Power World is a Authorised Dealer for Exide Industrial & Automotive Batteries and Exide Automobile Batteries in trichy.More than 10 years experience in this field. handle more than 100 customers in trichy and all over tamilnadu.We focus to help our customer save time and money.Sri Renga Power World offer extremely competitive prices, unmatchable and absolutely FREE delivery and installation service.


Exide Industries is a storage battery producing company and a life insurance company in India. It manufactures automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries.

Cygni's Solar DC solutions or DC Micro-grid is an innovative technology which provides green solar energy and dc power at a very low cost. The technology removes the requirement of AC to DC and DC to AC conversions which helps in reducing the cost of production of per unit watt power. This technology was conceptualized by IIT Madras and implemented by Cygni. We have brought electricity to over 20000 homes across India and building first DC Microgrid city in Sasaram, Bihar.

Our has a motto as "Power Supply To World". This motto clearly specifies that Rosan Power Corp supply Inverters, Batteries and UPS to the World.You can use our Inverters, Batteries and UPS for personnal and for commerical purposes. We are the leading market producer in all over Tamil Nadu.

Off-grid solar energy systems run on deep cycle batteries, which are designed to store energy and allow you to use it at night and during cloudy weather.